A healthy vagina plays a crucial role in good urinary(and sexual) health. Vitality is a specialized vaginal probiotic that replenishes and maintains good bacteria to balance your vaginal microbiome. Especially useful after a course of antibiotics and in case of candida or yeast infections.

Did You Know That A Healthy Vaginal Microbiome Is A Key Component To Urinary Health?

Vitalitee is a specialised probiotic, that maintains good bacteria, to balance your vaginal microbiome.

How does Vitalitee work?

Vitalitee is a vaginal probiotic. If your microbiome has been compromised, your vagina will be vulnerable. Numerous studies show that women who have higher levels of certain strains of probiotics, have a lower incidence of urinary tract infection. Vitalitee is designed to replenish and grow your good bacteria, while displacing non-beneficial bacteria. It keeps your inner garden fresh and blooming. It even protects from pesky overgrowths that cause redness and itching.

When to take Vitalitee?

Dosage: This is an ongoing regime that replaces healthy bacteria in the gut and vagina. 1 capsule of PeeSting Vitalitee once a day, with COLD food. Suggested time frame 12 weeks and onwards. NOTE* If you have 2 or more episodes of Cystitis / UTI a year – and you have had more than 2 antibiotic prescriptions in 2 years it’s almost certain that your vaginal PH has been compromised and you have underlying yeast issues. If you use condoms and spermicides, if you are pregnant or menopausal Vitaliee supports your urogenital health and beings added protection against yeasts and e-coli bacteria entering the urethra and bladder

Vitalitee Ingredients:​

Lactobacillus Rhamnosus, Lactobacillus Reuteri, Saccharomyces boulardii, Bacillus Coagulans, Inulin/FOS

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