Urinary tract infections: how to reduce the risk

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A Urinary Tract Infection is simply a microbial infection in the urinary tract. There are
many common causes of UTIs including sexual intercourse, diabetes, kidney stones, some
forms of contraception and more. Many people go straight to the GP and get prescribed
antibiotics to treat their UTI – and, ironically, these antibiotics can cause UTIs as well.

The signs of a UTI are, the frequent urge to pee, nausea, cloudy, strong smelling urine.
There are psychological UTI symptoms too, such as frustration, stress, headaches, and
exhaustion. It is thus important to beat these infections and return to a healthy state of

Prevention is better than cure and the best way of avoiding this often recurring, painful and
tiring condition, is to use natural remedies.

My friend Karen followed these simple measures, and she hasn’t suffered since:


Drinking water is the Holy Grail for the body. Consume a lot of water to keep the body well hydrated and also to urinate frequently. Drinking six glasses of water spread throughout the day, quickly makes a noticeable difference to your bladder health.

If you struggle with drinking plain water, consider adding fruit juice to water or combining
with lemon and lime to give a citrus flavor. Also, try to avoid alcohol and large quantities of
caffeine as both can have an adverse effect on bladder health.

Intimate hygiene

Our intimate areas are more prone to infections and more attention should be given to
them in our daily cleansing routine. It is important to keep our intimate areas dry and clean
– thoroughly wiping front to back with a clean flannel.

Do not hold your urge to pee

Many of us have the nasty habit of holding our pee but this can have an adverse effect on
your bladder. Go to the loo as quickly as possible when you get the urge! Holding and
delaying peeing, substantially increases the chances of contracting a UTI.

Healthy sexual behaviors

We don’t want to spoil your fun, but it is crucial to follow the right pre and post sexual
routines. In particular, peeing before and after sex is a recommended practice.

Birth control

Not every type of birth control suits every person. Some birth control options do lead to
bladder issues, thus increasing the likelihood of contracting a UTI. Always ask your health
practitioner about the possible side affects of the method you are using.

Scented Oils

Scented toiletries like oils and fragrant soaps which contain chemical ingredients, can
exacerbate UTIs. Use natural herbal products wherever possible, to limit exposure to
unnecessary chemicals.

Other suggestions for reducing the risk of UTIs:

• Wear loose clothes
• Ensure that you choose knickers made from cotton or other natural, breathable
• Take showers regularly.
• Stay hydrated
• Whenever you pee, ensure you completely empty your bladder.
• Avoid using scented bubble bath.
• Use natural food supplements like PeeSting® Vitalitee to build a natural immunity.

If you follow these measures, you will radically reduce your risk of picking up a UTI. Karen
followed these guidelines after suffering recurring UTIs and finding that the antibiotics
prescribed by her doctor, only masked the problem.

As Karen discovered, the best cure is indeed prevention. Adding these simple tweaks to
your daily routine, will not just reduce the risk of UTIs, but promote overall health and

Finally, taking natural remedies to strengthen your immune system will reduce the risk of
contracting a UTI. Follow the PeeSting® prescription to improve your urological immunity
with our 100% plant-based remedies. Check out our learning center and go to our shop to
attain bladder comfort and pain free pee within 24 hours or less.

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