Ginko Biloba Extract

The gingko biloba tree is believed to be the oldest species of plant – with findings of fossils dating back to 270 million years ago. The tree is native to China and has an impressive lifespan, with some trees living up to 3000 years. The rich source of antioxidants provided by the leaves might explain their wide-ranging benefits, which have been known and utilised for thousands of years in herbal Chinese medicine. It is most commonly recommended for its brain boosting benefits – improving memory, mental clarity and wellbeing.

Primary Actions

By including Ginkgo in our product to promote healthy blood flow, the cells of the immune system will be encouraged to travel to the site of theurinary tract infection.

Ginkgo may improve the body’s natural defences against urinary pathogens given its benefits on circulation.

Vaginal Candidiasis aka Yeast Infection

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