D-Mannose (1500)

D-mannose is a simple sugar with a similar structure to glucose and naturally occurs in a variety of fruits and vegetables including cranberries, apples, oranges, seaweed etc. Very little of D-mannose is metabolised in the body and so it does not interfere with blood sugar regulation in the same way as other sugars. Therefore, it is safe to consume for diabetics.

Primary Actions

Clinical trials in recent years have shown that this sugar is clearly effective for UTI management. Also, its efficacy has been shown to out-compete that of certain antibiotics commonly prescribed for Cystitis and UTIs, whilst having minimal to no negative side effects.

The D-Mannose attracts and holds on to bacteria, pulling them away from your bladder.

Sad bladder
Happy healthy bladder

D-mannose exerts its positive effects immediately, so you can expect to start experiencing the easing of symptoms within 24-48 hours.

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