The most common UTI questions that patients ask

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A Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is a common problem experienced by most women. Some of
them have the misfortune to suffer from this condition, repeatedly. When a patient with
UTI symptoms visits a doctor, she will have many questions to ask. She will want to know
which UTI treatment can provide relief from the distressing symptoms of this condition.
She will also be seeking the answers to a number of other questions.

Common questions about UTIs

Here are some common questions about UTIs, with their answers.

Is my UTI a serious problem?

UTIs are simple infections caused by bacteria. It is however important to obtain treatment
to prevent ongoing problems. If left untreated, there is a possibility that a UTI may spread
to the kidneys. This is why it is important to seek the advice of a doctor.

What are the common UTI symptoms I may experience?

The most common symptom is pain and burning while peeing. An urge to pee frequently,
and an unpleasant odour are also common. In addition, your pee may look cloudy or be
brownish or reddish in color.

Is it mandatory to treat UTIs with antibiotics?

Most doctors commonly prescribe antibiotics to treat UTIs. While antibiotics can provide
immediate relief from symptoms, their use can also lead to long-term problems. Studies
show that 25 to 42% of infections resolve on their own. Using antibiotics not only causes
side effects, but also suppresses the effectiveness of the immune system, which makes a
sufferer susceptible to repeated infections.

How can my UTI be treated without antibiotics?

UTI treatment without antibiotics can be very effective. Products that use plant based
medicine like PeeSting, can provide an effective alternative to antibiotics. PeeSting
contains a combination of natural products that are safe and easy on your body. It can help
by offering instant relief of your UTI symptoms and encouraging a natural healing process
which supports wellness by improving urological immunity.

Can I obtain instant relief from my UTI symptoms without using antibiotics?

Yes, you can obtain instant UTI relief when you use a plant medicine like PeeSting Relieef.
This product is prepared using D-mannose; a substance that helps you obtain immediate
relief from symptoms. This product will ensure reduction in pain and inflammation as well
as reduced frequency in peeing. Relieef should be taken when you begin to feel pain or a
burning sensation when you pee.

Is it possible to prevent UTIs?

Yes, it is possible to prevent UTIs. This calls for a multi-pronged approach. All the following
can help you improve your urological immunity and prevent recurrent UTIs:

• Maintaining proper hygiene by changing underwear frequently.
• Never holding onto your pee. When you feel like peeing, go straight away!
• Peeing before and after any sexual activity.
• Ensuring that you drink at least six, eight-ounce glasses of water, every day. This will
help in flushing out bacteria that worsen UTI symptoms.
• Increasing consumption of vitamin C: eating fruit and vegetables that are rich in
vitamin C, like spinach, pears, cherries, broccoli, pomegranate, and blueberries.
• Consuming probiotics that can help improve the presence of good bacteria in your gut
and your urinary tract. Good bacteria help in keeping the bad bacteria that cause UTIs,
in check. Try out probiotics like Tempeh, Kefir, Kimchi, Miso, or Sauerkraut.
• Taking natural supplements like PeeSting that can help you prevent UTIs.

Improve your urological immunity with our 100% plant-based remedies. Check out our
learning centre and go to our shop to obtain bladder comfort and pain free pee within 24
hours or less.

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