Stop drinking cranberry juice for your UTI

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Here’s why it’s best for you to stop 🛑 drinking Cranberry Juice … 

Although many women rush to drink cranberry juice at the first signs of a UTI, this could make the infection worse. A  better option is to increase water intake.  🚰

The belief that cranberry juice can a UTI goes back to Native Americans and the cranberry industry has capitalised on it.

Multiple studies have evaluated whether drinking cranberry juice can prevent UTIs. Although some of the initial studies suggested a benefit, there have since been multiple randomized trials showing NO difference between cranberry juice and a placebo.

It is true that cranberry proanthocyanidins inhibit bacteria from adhering to the bladder lining. However, cranberry juice itself DOES NOT have a high enough concentration for a therapeutic benefit. 😱

In fact, the acidity in cranberry juice may aggravate the burning symptoms, and the juice has a lot of sugar that encourages E.coli bacterial growth.

Currently, there’s no high-quality data to support the use of cranberry products/extract for the prevention or treatment of urinary tract infections.

So, is there evidence for a reliable plant-based treatment that really works?

Here’s “How To Treat Cystitis Without Antibiotics” … 

How do you feel about Cranberry Juice? 

To your good health and vitality,

The PeeSting Team

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