The increasing threat of antibiotic resistance

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UTIs or Urinary Tract Infections, are commonly occurring conditions that nearly 60% of women
experience in their lifetime. With symptoms like discomfort, burning, or even pain when
urinating, it is natural to ask your doctor for an antibiotic prescription to obtain relief. But if these
infections recur frequently, it may be that antibiotics are failing to reach the root cause of the

In many cases, it is the build-up of biofilms that shield the bacteria and contribute to the
recurrence of infections in your bladder and urinary tract. Biofilms are protective surfaces
developed by UTI-causing microorganisms. These tiny creatures stick to each other to build a slimy and adhesive coating around them to protect them from being identified. This
impenetrable layer acts as a shield to protect them from the antibiotics used to treat them.

How can regularly taking antibiotics cause biofilms?

● A biofilm is a fundamental part of your body.
Just like good and bad bacteria, biofilms are integral to the workings of your body. That’s
why it’s not possible to remove them from your system permanently. We can only try to
disrupt biofilm growth, thus limiting bacterial amplification.

● A biofilm makes it challenging to discover the UTI.
As biofilms form impassable covers around infection-causing bacteria, this makes it
challenging for tests and examinations to identify the presence of a UTI.

● Biofilms cause antibiotics to become ineffective.
With biofilms protecting the microorganisms in your bladder, it’s tough for the antibiotics
to act effectively on them. So, the first step should be to destroy the biofilms which shield
these microorganisms.

● Biofilms develop resistance to antibiotics.
With long term use of antibiotics, the bacteria become increasingly resistant, developing
immunity against them. For this reason, switching to plant-based medicine to treat your
UTI, may prove to be more effective.

An antibiotic-free alternative to banish your UTI:

For these reasons, you may well be looking for a different treatment plan to eradicate your UTIs:
antibiotics often do more harm than good to your body. So what constitutes an effective
medication for your bladder infections which also nurtures your body?

A natural prescription for cystitis and other UTIs, which works with mother nature to heal
these infections, includes:

• Consuming plant-derived biofilm disruptors like ginger, turmeric, oregano oil, cinnamon
and manuka honey.
• Taking probiotics and prebiotics such as fermented foods and D-mannose with your
meals, to boost gut health.
• Reducing alcohol, caffeine, and high-sugar food consumption.

General habits and practices that you can adopt at home:

The following lifestyle modifications and natural home remedies for UTIs, provide relief:

● Increase your water intake to a minimum of two litres per day.
● Start taking D-Mannose supplements like PeeSting® Relieef
● Consume herbal teas such as Ginger, Chamomile, and Cat’s Claw.
● Incorporate fermented foods with probiotics in your diet.
● Refrain from using tampons and avoid having sexual intercourse.
● Switch to contraception that doesn’t cause hormonal imbalance.
● Adopt healthy bathroom hygiene practices and avoid holding onto your pee.

To Summarise:

Instead of rushing to take yet another course of antibiotics to treat your bladder infections, we
suggest you consider UTI treatment without antibiotics. The PeeSting® prescription will
enable you to follow a comprehensive approach in responding to the signals your body is trying
to convey.

You can also take natural remedies to strengthen your immune system and fight off Cystitis and
UTIs. Improve your urological immunity with our 100% plant-based remedies. Check out our
learning centre and go to our shop to attain bladder comfort and pain free pee within 24 hours or

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