The dangers of antibiotic resistance…

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Antibiotic Resistance means that antibiotics become less effective in treating bacterial infections and diseases. In 2015 the World Health Assembly stated that “Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to health” and endorsed a global action plan to tackle the problem.

In 2021, the problem continues to grow. All over the world antibiotic resistance is rising because of excessive, inappropriate, and prophylactic use of antibiotic treatment. So, if you value your immediate and longer health, it is even more important to understand when to use, and when not to use antibiotics.

The real danger to your health: As antibiotics become less effective, resistant bacteria is threatening our ability to treat common infectious diseases – such as cystitis (UTI’s), pneumonia, tuberculosis, sexually transmitted infections – Syphilis, chlamydia, and gonorrhoea – and foodborne diseases.  These and many more are becoming harder, and sometimes impossible to treat.

To make matters worse unresponsive and untreatable infections are increasingly developing into life-threatening septicaemia and sepsis – or blood poisoning as it is commonly known.

It’s shocking to understand that more than 14,500 women in the UK alone died from urological sepsis in 2019.  How many more women suffer the pain of unresponsive Cystitis and UTI’s every day?

So, how do we prevent and hopefully reverse antibiotic resistance? It may sound overly simple, but it all starts with choosing a lifestyle that supports your health and wellbeing.  Do not use antibiotics as the first line of defence, instead focus on strengthening your immune system and allow your body to do the best it can for you. Look at natural, plant-based anti-bacterial and anti-viral options. Some plants and natural compounds such as D-mannose, Black Seed Oil, Olive Leaf Extract and Oregano Oil, to name but a few, are being shown in studies to be more effective than an antibiotic prescription. Combination plant therapies can have a potent and lasting effect.

And remember to take care of your health. When you must use a prescribed antibiotic, always follow your doctor’s advice.


To your good health and vitality,

The PeeSting Team

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