Biofilms and their role in recurrent UTIs

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Are you experiencing recurrent bladder infections? If you have had two UTIs in six months or three instances in a year, then you have a recurrent UTI. This recurring problem
may have left you worried and even confused. You may well have been prescribed
antibiotics by your GP to clear the initial infection. If so, then why did the problem return?
The answer is ‘biofilm’.

Biofilms and recurrent UTIs

When you first had a UTI, you probably took antibiotics to treat the infection. The
antibiotics should have killed all the bacteria. At least, that is how things are supposed to
work. But unfortunately, biofilms can inhibit the effectiveness of antibiotic treatment.
Biofilms form a layer around bacteria which protects the bacteria from antibiotics. As a
result, the bacteria remain alive even after a course of antibiotics. These bacteria continue
to grow, leading to recurrent infections.

What is a biofilm?

Bacteria such as E. coli (which can cause UTIs) clump together and form colonies. They
cover themselves with a sticky and impenetrable layer known as ‘biofilm’. This biofilm
‘community’ is formed of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and DNA that stick to the walls of
the urinary tract.

Biofilms and the problems they cause.

Biofilms are natural to the body and in general, don’t cause problems. However, when
biofilms start protecting harmful bacteria, they can cause the following problems:
• Rendering antibiotics ineffective. Antibiotics cannot get to bacteria when they are
protected by biofilm. As a result, the bacteria survive antibiotic treatments and
continue to multiply, resulting in repeated infections.
• A more serious problem is the fact that bacteria protected by biofilm can become
resistant to antibiotics. The stronger the bacteria, the more severe the UTI. You may
then require stronger and more powerful antibiotics to treat it. This may eventually
result in a weakening of your immune system, encouraging recurrent UTIs.
• When bacteria are covered by biofilm, they cannot be detected by lab tests. As a result,
these tests tend to throw up negative results, even though bacteria are present in your
urinary tract.

How to manage biofilm?

Biofilm cannot be destroyed by antibiotic medication. The solution is to break down the
biofilm layer using UTI treatment without antibiotics. UTI supplements containing
natural ingredients provide plant based medicine which is effective in breaking down

Natural supplements that can disrupt bacterial production of biofilm and assist in breaking
it down, include: enzymes, Gingko Biloba, oregano oil, cinnamon, turmeric, Manuka honey
and apple cider vinegar.

PeeSting Geenius is a nutraceutical product made from natural ingredients. This
formulation dissolves biofilm and allows bacterial infections to be treated naturally.
Urological immunity is also enhanced by using this product, helping to solve the problem of
recurrent infections. Apart from using PeeSting Geenius, maintaining proper hygiene,
drinking sufficient water, taking probiotics and vitamin C can also help improve immunity
and treat your infections.

Improve your urological immunity with our 100% plant-based remedies. Check out our
learning centre and go to our shop to attain bladder comfort and pain free pee within 24
hours or less.

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