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Nutra Cure Ltd was founded by our CEO Maya Mendoza, due to to her own UTI experiences. This is both our PeeSting story and Maya’s. 

Maya Mendoza

Maya Mendoza - Founder of Peesting

It’s one of those women’s health issues that so many of us talk about in whispers  — and if like me, you are, or have been, stuck in that awful cycle of lower abdominal pain, acid pee burn, broken sleep, disorientation, and blood in your urine, I don’t need to say more about how distressing it can be.

My story is like that of so many other women. Luckily it has a happy and healthy ending, and I’m excited to help you achieve the same.

My first UTI was at age 14: I recall pressing my lower back up against the radiator in my boarding school dormitory to ease the ache that was spreading deep into my pelvis. Oxytetracycline was the prescription of the day. What a relief to lose that dread of going to the loo and the urgency to pee every 15 minutes.

I was UTI free for the next 20 years. The teenage episode was forgotten until a new relationship triggered a bout of  “Honeymoon Cystitis”. For the next two years, my partner and I were regular visitors at Norwich A&E. I had a standing order for potassium citrate and antibiotics at the local chemist – no questions asked!

We are proud to say that when it comes to tackling the issues of women’s urinary health, Nutra Cure has taken a fresh, natural and innovative approach. 

10 years on, it all started up again. This time worse than ever. The infection was aggressive and persistent. I felt assaulted by my own body and after months of combined antibiotic treatment, I was finally diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis (IC).  I was told repeatedly, that there was no effective treatment and I’d have to learn to live with it. I felt shocked, abandoned, and as if a door had just been slammed in my face. 

The problems continued. My life felt on hold. I was tense and edgy all the time. Sleep deprivation was taking its toll. My relationship suffered and my partner did too. I wondered if I’d ever feel safe and comfortable in my body again.

I was desperate to get ahead of the problem. At this point, I would have done anything I was told to do but the doctors were always at a loss to help me. Finally, I realised I had to take charge, break with conventional thinking, and find ways to tackle my problem, soothe my sensitive bladder and live pain-free.

It took almost a year of research and self-testing – before I finally began to get more comfortable and see consistent improvement in my urological health. I documented everything and started to share my observations and improvements with a few select girlfriends. Following my lead, they began to enjoy improvements too.

Then on a breezy afternoon, my mother called me from Cyprus. Upset and tearful, she told me she was suffering from persistent Cystitis and the usual prescriptions were not working. She needed to use incontinence pads and was desperate to feel more feminine again. I shared my know-how with her and much to her joy and relief, she was symptom-free within three days. Two weeks on, her doctor gave her the all-clear. 

Then came the surprise: Mum’s doctor Dora, called me and asked me to share my secret with her as she, and many of her patients, suffered from similar problems. I passed on the information and bingo ……. 

That was five years ago, and with Dora’s enthusiasm and encouragement, Nutra Cure Ltd and the PeeSting protocol took root.

So that brings us up to date. We are proud to say that when it comes to tackling the issues of women’s urinary health, Nutra Cure Ltd has taken a fresh, natural, and innovative approach.  For many, our products are the light at the end of the tunnel. So, welcome! We are happy you have found us.

For your peace of mind and good health, we guarantee PeeSting is formulated by experts. We have stepped away from Folklore Medicine and included only the best quality, science-reviewed and tested, natural ingredients available to us. This plant based medicine is a new, effective system that improves and strengthens urinary health in a fresh, effective way.

I’m happy to say I’m healthy now, and I’m looking forward to spreading the news and helping thousands of women just like you and me, regain their body confidence and increased peace of mind.

We look forward to serving you.

This is about us, we would love to know about your UTI story.

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