When your bladder burns and your pee stings, it’s time to take back control of your health! PeeSting is an antibiotic-free and anti-inflammatory plant-based prescription, that protects your health and brings you a lasting dose of bladder calm and comfort. Whatever your Cystitis or UTI story, we can help.



PeeSting is a unique antibiotic-free, Complete System designed to halt your UTI symptoms and reverse painful pee and bladder inflammation cycles.

More than a promise of managed symptom control, PeeSting brings you a specialised, urinary tract rescue and recovery plan.

Made with Mother Nature, it’s the power of the plant based remedy complex formula that stops the sting and gets right to the root cause of your urological distress. 

From the very first dose, PeeSting starts a sequence of natural healing that leads to reduced symptoms, stronger urological immunity, lasting comfort, wellness and better health.

The PeeSting Prescription

INTRODUCING - scientifically verified grass-roots remedy complex formula, empowerd by plants and mother nature.


break the sex and cystitis cycle


  • Pain in your lower tummy
  • Stinging or burning when you pee
  • A pressing need to pee a lot more often
  • Cloudy, smelly, dark, or blood-tinted pee
  • Feeling tired, emotional, and unwell
  • Feeling agitated or confused
  • Burning sensations in your bladder
  • Pain during sex
  • Waking up several times a night to go to the loo 
  • Wipe out healthy bacteria in your bladder
  • Block your bladder’s  natural immune defences
  • Promote the growth of Bacterial Biofilms 
  • Fosters the overgrowth of yeasts and vaginal Candida
  • Destroys healthy gut bacteria vital to a strong immune system
  • An antibiotic-resistant UTI can become a chronic condition resulting in repeat infections kidney infection and sepsis.
  • Provides a 100% natural, plant powered prescription
  • Flushes e-coli bacteria and calms your bladder every time you pee
  • Creates and maintains a protective bladder environment
  • Delivers rapid healing effect with long-lasting results
  • Promotes advanced bladder immune system support
  • Dissolves bacterial biofilm, the hidden cause of repeat UTIs 
  • Supports and strengthens vaginal microbiome for better urological health
  • I can eat what I want; Chili, chocolate, have a stiff drink – WOW!
  • SEX! Good sex, great sex, but most of all passionate, intimate, fearless sex.
  • I’m feeling better. I can trust my body and join in the fun again.
  • At last, sweet dreams and waking refreshed.
  • I have my life back. I can work under pressure and my career’s right on track.
  • What bliss to walk the dog, play with my kids, and go for a run.

Our Signature Product

Our Signature Products

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Because you are experiencing painful symptoms now:

We recommend Relieef. This is our antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory complex. It is formulated to calm, soothe, and rapidly reduce uncomfortable symptoms, flush out harmful bacteria, and strengthen your bladder’s immune defence. Relieef can also be used on a regular basis as a powerful preventative to help protect your bladder and urinary tract from future occurrences.

For maximum results we recommend that you include BLACK SEED OIL in your urinary health routine.

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